• Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology / English
  • 11+ Grammar School Exam Preparation / 10+
  • Yrs. 3-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE’s
  • Yr 3 to 8 Math & English


Does your child need extra support?

Outstanding tuition from experienced and dedicated Tutor and Assistants

Proven track record of success & thousands of satisfied clients

Working with the right tutor can improve your child's academic confidence & grades significantly. With over 8 years experience as a small group tutor,I have brought this change within each & every student I have worked with.My claim is simple: "I will effect this academic change in your child.You will notice results within a few weeks after we start work! See for yourself Testimonials"

I specialize in 3 critical areas:

  • Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology From Yr.6 to Yr.11 [KS3 To GCSE]
  • Training students for the 11+ exam for the Croydon, Sutton, Bromley & Kingston Grammar schools.
  • Also Yr 3-8 Maths & English.

My educational techniques work by combining small group sizes[upto 7/8 of similar ages, abilities & striving for similar levels] with the highest quality tuition skills. Personally,I have from childhood through to my adult life,always loved learning,studying, Maths, Sciences & English.I feel it is my time now to inculcate this same passion within my younger students.

Khalid Saeed BSc.

We Claim To Be:

exceptional tutors producing exceptional results.

Our claim is simple: "We will effect this academic change in your child.You will notice results within a few weeks after we start work!"

We Do This Through:

1:- Making only beautiful groups. Only having childrens of the same ability aiming for the same level . Small groups.
2:- A hands-on teaching style. Not just handling out sheets.Always patiently & skill fully showing kids on the board how things are done.
3:- Tutors of immense experience. Employing only the cleverest teaching methods.
4:- Bags of Patience.
5:- Tutors DEEPLY passionate about teaching and excellence.
6:- Regular weekly homework whick is gone.

Physical In Person Classes & Online Zoom Option Available.

With a wide clients base, some of our students cannot travel to the center in croydon. Some of our students are International: China/ Saudi Arabia/Nigeria. With the best software and digital pen, the experience for the students is as though they are having a one on one with a tutor. What is said & seen within the class is what is heard and seen at home.

A Zoom Class Running At Same Time As Physical Class.


Not all tutors are the same . We are radically different from the mountain of tutors and tuitions centers available to parents. We claim to be exceptional in that we produce exceptional results.

See for yourself:


Specializing In:

  • Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology
  • Yrs. 3-7 8-9 10-11 From KS3 to GCSE's
  • OCR Edexcel AQA
  • GCSE IGCSE 10+ 11+ 13+
  • 11+ Training Maths, English [Essay & Comprehension]
  • Selective Eligiblilty & Main Test
  • Yr 3-7 Maths & English

Serving Croydon, Sutton, Bromley & Kingston:

Groups Of
  • Groups of upto 7/8 students [1 specialist Tutor]
  • In case of over subscribed courses 7-11 students [1 Tutor + 1 Teaching Assistant]
Delivered by
  • Tutor and teaching assistant of vast experience and past success rate TESTIMONIALS
  • Central Croydon Old Palace Rd.--Near Reeves Corner Or online Zoom option available
  • Prices from £25 - £35 / 2 hour sessions.
  • Individuals Prices Available On Request.
How It Works
  • Homework set and marked. Regular parental feedback. Exceptional, Inspiring & Result Producing Tuition.

One Of Our Actual Classes